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Build Self Worth, Savour Life & Connect From A Nourished Place. 


Cyclical Yogi Studio - The Online Yoga Membership & Community For Busy Women 



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The Online Yoga Membership & Community For Busy Women


Build Self Worth, Savour Life & Connect From A Nourished Place. 



14 Day Free Trial


Feel uplifted by our fun filled practices. Make space for you & build your self worth.


Feel more patient & loving, savour the everyday beauty of life. 


Feel supported by our community & connect to those you love from a nourished place.


The juggle of balancing work & home is intense, even before the pressure of social media perfection.


Maybe you’ve experienced:

  • Giving your time to everyone but yourself, feeling emotionally drained & resentful
  • Being stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, irritability & guilt
  • Life feeling like a never ending list of to do's that's passing you by
  • Not making time for what brings you joy & feeling like you've lost your identity


If any of these ring true, you’re not alone & there is an alternative!

14 Day Free Trial

You deserve to care for yourself first, so you can build your self worth, savour life & connect from a nourished place.

Cyclical Yogi Studio


Your online community & sanctuary.  Practices that that fit seamlessly into your busy life, tailored to your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle, embrace your innate feminine nature!


Prioritise yourself in as little as 10 mins a day...


  • Switch off your busy mind so you feel more patient,¬†present & loving¬†

  • Strengthen your intuition, embrace your self worth¬†&¬†feel more confident¬†

  • Give your body the movement¬†you need to live the way you want

  • Build¬†self awareness,¬†release unhelpful patterns & grow emotionally


Join our community, feel supported & uplifted.

Express the vibrant  Yogi Goddess you are! 


14 Day Free Trial
14 Day Free Trial
14 Day Free Trial

Cyclical Yogi Studio

£25.00 Per Month

Every month inside CYS:

  • 4 x 30 - 60 min¬†Yoga flow classes
  • 4 x¬†10 - 15 min¬†Yoga flow classes
  • 1 x 10 - 15 min Breathwork session
  • 1 x 10 - 15 min Meditation session
  • 1 x Set of themed journal prompts
  • Mindset Mondays - Live meetups every week
  • Community - Support your journey
  • Access to complete library of classes
14 Day Free Trial

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Choose between desktop or access your membership straight from the kajabi app on your phone.


Learn why & how to track your cycle in as little as 1 min a day, what to do with the information + FREE printable trackers.


All the knowledge, tools & pre recorded practices you need to manifest your dream life! 



Learn how to live in harmony with your cycle & naturally support your hormones


Yoga flows & meditations to celebrate & embrace each new season. 

CYS is for you if you are a new or seasoned yogi ready to . . . 


  • Spend 10 - 60 mins daily or a few times a week¬†prioritising yourself
  • See how yoga can transform your life off the mat
  • Practice yoga in a way that¬†aligns with your feminine, cyclical nature
  • Build a life you love aligned with your true self
14 Day Free Trial

Maybe you've always believed you must put everyone & everything else first . . .


But if you wait until your house is immaculate & everyone else is sorted, it's never going to happen & you'll stay stuck in the cycle of doom; overwhelm, resentment, irritability & guilt (I know, I was there for years!) & you are robbing yourself & the world of the most fulfilled & authentic version of you.

Now is the time to take action, care for yourself first, feel supported by our community, emerge replenished with a sense of fulfilment that ripples from you into your relationships & the wider world.


Come & meet your inner Yogi Goddess!

14 Day Free Trial

 Meet Your Teacher 

Hi! I'm Lizzie,



After years of leaving my wellbeing off the list, I began experiencing depression, anxiety & panic attacks.

I believed that as a woman I should give selflessly to be ‚Äėgood enough‚Äô¬†but that made me feel¬†overwhelmed, resentful, irritable & guilty.

I tried yoga, hoping for relief from life & myself!

Yoga changed my life, I became calmer & more patient, released negative patterns, felt confident to lay down boundaries (a big deal for a people pleaser!) & had more compassion for myself.  

I stopped feeling guilty for prioritising myself as I felt my happiness ripple into my relationships & the wider world, everyone benefited.

I trained in yoga for women’s health & began honouring my unique feminine needs. Embracing yoga and cyclical living as a lifestyle  nourishes me & has helped me create more love, understanding, & respect for myself.

I’m inviting you to be part of a movement. Care for yourself first, feel supported by our community, emerge replenished & radiant.


It‚Äôs time to meet your inner Yogi Goddess. ‚Ā†

Build Self Worth, Savour Life & Connect From A Nourished Place.


Love Lizzie XX


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Calling You Busy Lady! It's Time To...


Build Self Worth, Savour Life & Connect From A Nourished Place. 


Explore the Cyclical Yogi Studio completely FREE for 14 days, I am sure you'll love it!

14 Day Free Trial