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Hi, I'm Lizzie!


I'm dedicated to helping busy women rediscover & prioritise themselves, so they can live a vibrant & fulfilling life they love.


Women's Health Yoga Teacher, Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Coach & Cyclical Living Coach


My mission is . . .


To help you ditch the pressure of perfection & the belief you must put everyone else first that leads to overwhelm, resentment, irritability & guilt. 

So you can feel replenished, reclaim your identity & build a life you love.



I believe you deserve to care for yourself first, so you can love yourself, savour life & connect from a nourished place.

I can help you embrace your femininity, rediscover & prioritise yourself, so you can live a vibrant & fulfilling life you love.


Because I believe that when women truly know, love & care for themselves, their happiness ripples into their relationships & the wider world.



Online Yoga

The Cyclical Yogi Studio is a sanctuary of transformation, aligning the magic of yoga, meditation, breathwork and journalling with the rhythm of your menstrual cycle or the cycle of the moon.

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In Person Yoga

Yoga in Carterton for women's health. Strengthen your body and mind, honour your need to rest and reflect, be TRULY YOU!

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4 Healing practices to break the cycle of lack of self-care, overwhelm, irritability & guilt. Find More Patience, Presence & Ease.

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