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Unleashing the Power Within: A 5 Step Guide to Manifesting Your Dream Life

Jan 01, 2024

The most beautiful thing about manifesting is not how it may bring physical possessions into your life but it’s ability to help you become the most self-compassionate, empowered and authentic version of you there can possibly be (hint - that person already exists within you!)

Manifesting is not just wishful thinking; it's about aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to co-create the life you dream of. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use manifesting to turn your dreams into reality.

Understanding Manifestation

Manifestation is rooted in the belief that your thoughts and energy attract similar energy from the universe. By focusing on positive thoughts and intentions, you can draw in the experiences and opportunities that align with your desires.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between an imagined event and a real one for example if for a moment you think of a sour lemon, really visualise yourself reaching into the fridge cutting the lemon open and putting a slice in your mouth . . . is your mouth watering? I bet it is, because your mind cannot differentiate the thought of the lemon from the reality that the lemon isn’t really there. Your body begins to prepare to digest the imaginary lemon by creating saliva.


The things you imagine create a physiological change in your body, by visualising the way you want to feel, the things you want to experience you will influence the vibrational frequency of your body and determine what you draw into your life through the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical principle that like attracts like. In simpler terms, it suggests that the energy you emit—whether through thoughts, feelings, or actions—will attract similar energy from the universe. The underlying idea is that your thoughts shape your reality, and by maintaining positive thoughts and emotions, you can manifest positive experiences in your life.


This has certainly been my experience, have you ever had days where one bad thing happens and suddenly the whole day, like a row of dominoes seems to follow the same trajectory? What about other days when  have you expect great things, you are hopeful, optimistic, grateful, when you’re in that frame of mind doesn’t everything seem to magically fall into place? Manifesting is simply embracing that feeling of hope, optimism and gratitude in pursuit of your specific desires.


STEP 1) Get Crystal Clear In Your Vision


The first step is to be clear in your aspirations and dreams, you can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you’re going. This can take a bit of time and soul searching. It may feel overwhelming if there are lots of areas of your life you would like to change, if there are don’t worry you aren’t alone, lots of us feel like that.


It takes time to create lasting change and it is best to work on a few things at a time and not try to take it all on at once or you’ll just feel overwhelmed and give up, which we don’t want! So try the exercise below to give you a full picture of who you want to become and then you can pick a few areas of your life to work on at time. That way you can create lasting change and enjoy the process!


EXERCISECLARITY MEDITATION - To help you clarify what you want from this one precious life grab a notebook and pen, relax your body, settle your breath and take some time to reflect on some or all of the journal prompts below (Depending on how much time you have, choose the ones most relevant to you) . . .


Before beginning to delve into these journal prompts based on your future self, send a sense of unconditional love to yourself just as you are, right now and also to the future version of you. Do not allow fear or doubt to hold back the possibilities you imagine, invite in a sense of magic and miracles, be completely free in your dreams.


Now imagine your dream future self in either 6 months, 1 year or 5 years from now . . .



  • How do I feel emotionally, physically and energetically day to day?
  • What are my values and beliefs?
  • How would I like to be remembered by others?
  • What qualities do I embody?
  • What topics/subjects/things am I naturally curious about?
  • What hobbies or outlets bring me joy?
  • How have I incorporated these into my life?
  • What brings a sense of purpose to my life?
  • What impact do I want to make in this world?
  • How am I acting on my purpose and the impact I want to make in the world?
  • How do my values align with my sense of purpose?
  • What career or personal achievements would make or have made me feel fulfilled?
  • What skills or knowledge do I have or am I working towards that have helped me achieve these?
  • What kind of relationships do I want to cultivate in my life?
  • How do these relationships make me feel?
  • How do I want to contribute to my community or the people around me?
  • What kind of home do I live in?
  • What daily habits do I have that contribute to me being the person I want to be?
  • How do I incorporate these positive habits into my routine?
  • How do I balance different areas of my life, such as work, relationships and self care?
  • How is my life balanced and fulfilling?
  • What am I most proud of in my life?
  • What have I kept the same in my life since I started manifesting?
  • What has changed in my life since I started manifesting?
  • What obstacles have I overcome to become the person I am today?
  • How did I overcome them?



Hopefully after completing this exercise you have total clarity on the person you want to be, send a sense of love an acceptance for the person you are right now and the person you want to become. Love both versions of you UNCONDITIONALLY. Believe without doubt that the future version of you already exists, patiently waiting to be brought to life.


Step 2) Visualise Your Future Self & Immerse Yourself In The FEELING!


Now you are crystal clear on who you want to be, how you want to feel and what you want to bring into your life you can get to the fun part. Making a vision board and visualisation!


Note – If you don’t know what direction to take, what you want to manifest or you’re finding it hard to know what change you want, that is Ok. Focus on how you want to feel instead. Want to feel more confident, motivated, energised, driven, passionate, peace, hopeful? The list is endless, you can absolutely manifest a feeling. Visualise your future self, how would your ideal future self feel? Embody that feeling as a felt sense in the body.


EXERCISE - CREATE A VISION BOARD Before you begin making your vision board make sure you are connected to what YOU truly want, not  what you think you should want or what someone else wants for you. Manifesting is not just about obtaining material things, it’s about living in alignment with who you truly are and who you want to be so that you can live a vibrant, fulfilling life you feel passionate about. True happiness remember comes from meaningful relationships, our sense of meaning and living in alignment with our deeply held values.


That said, let’s get started, here are 6 steps to creating and utilising your vision board to manifest your dream life . . .

  1. Gather your materials – To create your vision board, you'll need some supplies such as a poster board, corkboard, or a digital platform (I use canva) if you prefer to create one online. You'll also need magazines, newspapers, or access to images and quotes that resonate with your goals. Gather scissors, glue, markers, and any other crafting materials you may want to use.
  2. Create the atmosphere – calming music, candles, make it a sacred event for you to enjoy and indulge yourself in, have fun!
  3. Choose your timeline – at the top of the page write the exact date you want to manifest what is on your vision board. 6 months, 1 year or 5 year. Or you could do 3 separate board for all 3!
  4. Get in the zone – embody the feeling of your future self, remember how you felt during your clarity meditation. Pause take a few deep breaths, imagine yourself on the exact date you wrote at the top of the page, create a clear and vivid image of who you are and how you feel physically and emotionally. Bring the image of your future self to life in as much detail as you can.
  5. Separate your life into categories and design your life - for each category, write down all the things you want to manifest within it, if you’re using cut out images, stick them on your vision board, get as specific as you possibly can, being vague won’t be enough! 
    •  Romantic relationships
    • Leisure and hobbies
    • Career
    • Family and friends
    • Home
    • Personal growth

    Note – As your dreams begin to become a reality some of them might change, nothing in life is set in stone  you are allowed to change and grow all the time, be flexible. If you want to add something new or take something away you can, give yourself the permission to design the life that fills up your soul.

  6.  Put it to use! -
  • Choose a Visible Location for your vision board. This could be in your bedroom, office, or any space where you spend a significant amount of time. The key is to have it in a place where you'll see it regularly.
  • Daily Visualisation Practice - Take a few minutes each day to sit in front of your vision board and visualise the goals and dreams depicted on it. Imagine yourself achieving these goals and feel the emotions associated with that success. This daily practice reinforces your intentions and keeps your focus on your aspirations.
  • Morning and Evening Rituals - Incorporate your vision board into your morning and evening rituals. Spend a few moments looking at it when you wake up and before you go to bed. This helps set a positive tone for the day and allows you to reflect on your goals before sleep. *I am planning to put mine behind the kitchen cupboard door by the kettle this year, every morning I make a cup of tea and before bed a sleepy time tea, so while the kettle is boiling I am going to invest those few mins twice a day to embrace my vision board!
  • Set Specific Time for Reflection - Schedule dedicated time each week to reflect on your vision board. Assess your progress, celebrate any achievements, and make any necessary adjustments or additions. Regular reflection keeps your goals at the forefront of your mind.
  • Combine with journaling - Journal about your progress, challenges, and any insights gained from your visualisation practices. Journaling adds depth to your self-reflection and helps track your growth.


REMEMBER, the magic ingredient to making visualisation work is to not just see the things you would like to achieve but to embody the sensations and emotions of having them. We draw into our life what we feel. For example if you would like to manifest your dream home, ask yourself – how will it feel when I live there? Then visualise every detail of the house, the smells, sights, sounds. Get clarity on as much as you can, where is it, how many rooms does it have, what is the floor plan, etc, this all needs to go on your vision board and into your visualisation meditations.


Now you’ve made your vision board two to three times a week try to spend 10 – 15 minutes on a visualisation meditation. There are lots available on youtube or you can join the Cyclical Yogi Studio to access the Manifestation Course as part of your membership which contains this meditation and many more! By practicing visualisation you will begin to embody the law of attraction and your brain will start to selectively view your reality through a positive bias, meaning that you will notice opportunities that align with your visualisations and filter out any unhelpful information. All taking you closer to your dreams and aspirations.



EXERCISEVISUALISATION MEDITATION -  For these visualisation meditations choose one goal to work on at a time and choose no more than two to three goals to manifest at once even if you have lots more on your vision board (which is great!)


Begin by getting comfortable and relaxing your body, scanning through each part of your body and letting go of any tension, consciously slow your breathing down, allowing yourself to soften into the meditation.


Silently state your goal in your mind. Allow yourself to believe without doubt that this is possible for you.

Visualise your goal as if you have already achieved it. Imagine where you are when you have achieved it. Pay attention to your surroundings. Notice colours, shapes, and any significant details. If your goal involves a particular location, visualise it with clarity. What can you see around you? What can you hear? What else can you sense?

See the details, engage all your senses and immerse yourself in the experience.

How do you feel in your body, physically, emotionally, energetically?

How will you feel when you’ve achieved your goal? Whether it's joy, gratitude, or fulfilment, let those emotions fill you up. Do those emotions have a sensation or a location in your body? Perhaps a colour associated with them?

The more real and vivid you make this experience, the more powerful its manifestation will be.

If you have an affirmation associated with your goal repeat it silently or audibly to yourself now, remembering to create the feeling behind your words.

Allow yourself to celebrate now. See yourself acknowledging your achievement, perhaps surrounded by loved or glowing in pride.

Feel into a sense of gratitude for the manifestation of your goal. Feel a deep sense of trust that the universe will provide and thankfulness for the opportunities, growth, and abundance that have come into your life.

Bring your awareness back into your body. Visualise those emotions filtering into your current reality. Imagine stepping into this new reality with confidence and purpose.

Take a few deep breaths, gradually bringing your awareness back to the present. Feel the ground beneath you, and when you're ready, gently open your eyes.


Step 3) Remove Fear, Doubt and Limiting Beliefs


I absolutely believe that manifesting works. . . here comes the BUT if underneath it all you don’t believe that you are worthy of what you are trying to bring into your life or you have any lingering fear or limiting beliefs that may hold you back from achieving your dreams then at best your progress is likely to be slower at worst you’ll block your efforts!


The universal truth is that we all experience imposter syndrome, lack of self-worth and doubt in some way, but you can overcome it. Here are my top tips for learning to recognise and overcome fears and doubts . . .


  • Identify and acknowledge your fears – take a moment to identify specific fears and doubts that are holding you back. Acknowledge them without judgment. Understanding your fears is the first step in overcoming them.
  • Challenge Negative Thoughts - Question the validity of negative thoughts. Ask yourself if they are based on facts or assumptions. Flip negative thoughts on their head by changing them into positive affirmations. Affirm your capabilities and the possibility of success.
  • Embrace Failure as a Learning Opportunity - Shift your perspective on failure. See it as a natural part of the learning process. Understand that setbacks provide valuable lessons that contribute to your growth.
  • Seek Support - Share your dreams and fears with supportive friends, family, or mentors. Surround yourself with individuals who uplift and encourage you.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation - Practice mindfulness to stay present and reduce anxiety about the future. Meditation can help calm the mind and create mental space for positive thoughts. Obviously I am biased! But I love the meditation for the Manifest course to release fear and doubt inside the Cyclical Yogi Studio, however there are loads on youtube too!
  • Challenge Comfort Zones - Growth often occurs outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to take calculated risks. Each step outside your comfort zone will increase your confidence and diminish fear.
  • Focus on What You Can Control - Identify things that are within your control and take proactive steps toward them. Release attachment to things beyond your control, as this is all just unnecessary stress you don’t need!
  • Celebrate Small Wins - Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement will build your confidence and help you overcome self-doubt.
  • Seek inspiration - Study the journeys of people who have overcome challenges to achieve success. Use their stories as inspiration and guidance.
  • Professional Help - Consider seeking guidance from a life coach, therapist, or counsellor to address deeper fears and doubts Professional support can provide valuable insights and strategies.


Remember, overcoming fear and doubt is a gradual process. Be patient with yourself and celebrate progress along the way. By implementing these strategies consistently, you can create a mindset that empowers you to manifest your dream life. The key is to be aware of your everyday thoughts. When your insecurities begin to rear their heads, listen, observe and let them go.




EXERCISE – SELF DOUBT MEDITATION – I would recommend completing this meditation for each thing you want to manifest. Have a journal and pen nearby. Sat up, so that you can write when needed.


Relax your body, close your eyes and slow your breath. Begin to visualise one thing you would like to manifest into your life, see it clearly. Imagine yourself in that moment, when it has come into your reality. What fears and doubts come into your mind when you think about really having it? Does it truly feel possible to you? If not why not? Think of as many fears and doubts as you can. Free write whatever comes to mind in your journal. Even if what comes up seems, irrational or unreasonable, write it do. By understanding each one of your fear and doubts it empowers you to let it go.


Feel free to pause here for as long as you need to write.


Each of these insecurities are holding you back from the person you are destined to be, the more you acknowledge them, the less they can impact you.


Close your eyes once more. Visualise all your fear and doubt, see all the emotions, thoughts and feelings collected together in a dark ball, all your worries, limiting beliefs gathered in that ball of dark matter, become aware of where that ball is in your body, does it have a sensation?


This ball is a representation of everything that is holding you back from the most empowered version of yourself. Now visualise a radiant bright light surrounding your whole body, you are bathed in its warmth and it carries the emotion of confidence and power. With each breath in draw this light into your body, see it overpowering and dissolving the darkness. Imagine the ball of darkness getting smaller and smaller, the darkness leaving your body with each exhale. Breathing in this light of resilience and strength, breathing out all your insecurities, all your fear, everything that is holding you back. Feel your body getting lighter with each breath. Until that ball has evaporated into nothing.


Notice the lightness in your chest, your body infused with confidence. Now gently open your eyes.



Repeat this meditation for everything you would like to manifest into your life.


STEP 4) Take Inspired Action


Manifestation isn't about sitting back and waiting for miracles. Take inspired action towards your goals is crucial. Break down your dreams into actionable steps and consistently work towards them. Action is a key element in the manifestation process!


I have created for you a workbook to help you create SMART goals that align with what you would like to manifest into your life, if you would like a copy email me and I will send one directly to you! This workbook also includes a guide to creating custom affirmations, try to practice these twice a day while connecting with your vision board.


STEP 5) Let Go And Live In The Present


Manifesting is undoubtedly an exciting project and it’s wonderful to feel all the emotions associated with achieving what you would love to draw into your life.
There is a fine balance though between believing in the prospect of an exciting future and always projecting your happiness ahead of the present. Here are a few suggestions to balance manifesting your dream life whilst embracing the beauty of the present.


  • Gratitude -  Take moments every day to appreciate the beauty of the present. Be thankful for what you have right now - the people, the experiences, and the lessons.
  • Mindfulness - Practice being present. Engage in activities with your full attention.
  • Live Your Values - Align your actions with your core values. Ensuring your journey reflects the essence of who you are.
  • Embrace Change - Change is a constant in life. Be open to opportunities that come your way, even if they weren't in your plan.
  • Progress Over Perfection - Remember that progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Don't aim for perfection; aim for growth.
  • Celebrate Milestones - Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements along the way.
  • Trust the Journey - The journey is just as important as the destination.
  • Let Go – Don’t try to control every detail and trust deeply that the universe will provide everything you’ve ever dreamed possible and many things you hadn’t even conceived! Believe in magic and miracles!


By balancing your dreams of the future with a deep appreciation for the present, you'll create a life that's fulfilling right now, whilst feeling excited for all the possibilities that await



Summary & Conclusion


As a summary here are the 5 steps to take to begin manifesting your dream life . . .


  • Clarify Your Vision – use the clarity meditation to work out exactly who you want to be and what you want out of your life.
  • Visualise – make your vision board and spend a few minutes twice a day connecting with it, amend it whenever you need to. Practice the visualisation meditation 2/3 times per week focusing on one goal at a time.
  • Remove Fear And Doubt – for each thing you’d like to manifest into your life complete the fear and doubt meditation and be aware of your thoughts day to day. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations and practice these affirmations daily – perhaps as part of your morning and evening routine.
  • Take Action – Complete the SMART goals workbook for each of the things you would like to manifest and keep working towards your goals!
  • Let Go – Trust in the universe to provide you with more than you ever imagined possible! Use the trust in the universe breathwork to let go of your need to control! (Available as part of the manifest course in Cyclical Yogi Studio)


Remember, manifesting is a continuous process, and the key lies in maintaining a positive and open mindset. By aligning your thoughts, intentions, and actions with your desires, you can create the life you've always envisioned. Manifesting is not about controlling the universe but about co-creating with it, in harmony with your deepest aspirations. Embrace this transformative journey and watch your dream life unfold.


If you would love to have all these workbooks, meditations and yoga flows plus guided journalling classes to begin manifesting, you can access this manifesting course as part of the Cyclical Yogi Studio, sign up and join a likeminded community of women seeking to live in harmony with the rhythms of their body and nature!


Love Lizzie X

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