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Embodying Love: A Journey into Yoga Philosophy and the Power of the Heart  

Feb 04, 2024

Love weaves its threads through every aspect of our existence. Beyond the conventional notions of family & romantic love, yoga philosophy invites us to explore the profound dimensions of this emotion. The ancient teachings of yoga show us how love can be a guiding force in our thoughts, actions, and energy, ultimately transforming our entire way of being.


The Heart's Role in Yoga Philosophy


Yoga philosophy views the heart as so much more than a physical organ—it is a sacred space, the centre of divine consciousness, spiritual and emotional intelligence and the source of unconditional love.

You may have heard yoga teachers referring to the "heart centre", the heart centre is associated with qualities such as compassion, love, and connection. Heart-opening practices, both physical (such as heart-opening yoga poses) and meditative, can help you to connect with this deeper aspect of yourself.

Beyond Yoga's interpretation of the heart, scientific research into the heart in the last few decades has shown that the heart is an electromagnetic field generator much like the brain, however your heart generates an electrical field that is 60 x greater in amplitude when compared with that of your brain, this field changes according to your emotions, it is measurable several feet outside your body. It is emerging that the heart is so much more than just a pump. We now know that more than half the cells in the brain are neurons (sending information to and from the brain) it is not just muscle cells. The heart sends more information to the brain than the other way around, the heart learns, thinks, remembers & make decisions independently from the brain. I find this incredible & it aligns with what the ancient yogis intuitively knew, long before we could scientifically measure it.

Listening to the Heart: Central to embodying love is listening to the voice of the heart, often referred to as intuition or gut instinct. This innate wisdom arises from a place of love, guiding us towards decisions that align with our true essence. However, in the chaos of daily life, these whispers often get drowned out by the rational and fear-based musings of the mind.

Discerning the Heart's Voice Through Practice: Yoga offers a myriad of practices to amplify your connection to your heart. Meditation helps to quiet the mind's chatter, creating a stillness that allows the heart's voice to emerge. Through mindfulness meditation, you can observe your thoughts without attachment, distinguishing between those rooted in love and those driven by fear.

Meditation for Discernment: Sit comfortably, focus on your breath, and observe the thoughts that arise. Notice the quality of these thoughts—those from the heart will feel expansive, warm, and nurturing, while logical thoughts might be more rigid and analytical.

Breathwork for Heart-Centred Consciousness: Pranayama, or breathwork, is another gateway to the heart's wisdom. Heart-focused breathing, simply visualising your breath travelling in and out of the heart may sound too simple to be effective but it can have a profound impact. This intentional breath aligns our consciousness with the frequency of love, fostering a deeper connection to our emotional centre.

Yoga Asanas to Open the Heart: Certain yoga postures are specifically designed to open the heart centre, both physically and energetically. Backbends and chest-opening poses not only enhance physical flexibility but also stimulate the heart chakra, the energetic hub of love and compassion.


Embodying Love in Thoughts and Actions


Identifying the heart's voice is only the beginning. The true essence of embodying love lies in aligning our thoughts and actions with this profound wisdom. Choosing thoughts that resonate with love—self-compassion, kindness, and empathy—creates a positive ripple effect in our inner and outer worlds.

Making Decisions from a Place of Love: While making decisions from a place of love is empowering, maintaining boundaries is crucial. Yoga philosophy teaches us to navigate the delicate balance between love and self-preservation. When faced with decisions, consider whether the choice aligns with love for yourself and others, ensuring that your boundaries are respected without compromising your authenticity.

Influence on Relationships: Embodying love profoundly influences our relationships. By fostering self-love, we emanate a positive energy that attracts genuine, heartfelt connections. Understanding the heart's voice allows us to communicate with empathy, resolving conflicts with compassion rather than ego-driven reactions. The practice of love becomes a transformative force, dissolving judgment and fostering genuine connections.

Maintaining Boundaries: Love does not imply surrendering our boundaries. Yoga philosophy guides us to express love while maintaining a healthy sense of self. This involves saying no when necessary, setting limits without guilt, and prioritising self-care. Understanding that boundaries are an act of self-love ensures that relationships remain balanced and respectful.


The Energetic Dynamics of Love


Yoga philosophy views love not just as an emotion but as a potent force with the ability to shape the very fabric of our energetic existence. Embodying love goes beyond a mental or emotional state; it becomes a vibrational frequency that permeates our entire being. According to yogic teachings, every thought, emotion, and action emits a specific energetic vibration that contributes to our overall energy field.

Raising your Vibrational Frequency: When we consciously choose thoughts and actions rooted in love, we elevate our vibrational frequency. Love carries a high-frequency energy, vibrating at levels that resonate with joy, compassion, and interconnectedness. This intentional elevation of vibration has transformative effects on both our inner state and the energy we radiate into the world.

Heart-Centred Practices and Energetic Resonance: Heart-centred practices within yoga, such as meditation, breathwork, and heart-opening asanas, activate and amplify the heart's electromagnetic field. Scientifically, the heart emits an electromagnetic field that extends beyond the body, influencing the energy of the surrounding environment. When this field is charged with love, it creates a resonant frequency that can positively affect the energetic vibrations of others.

Influence on Personal Energy: Embodying love becomes a self-sustaining cycle—choosing love increases our personal energy, and as our energy rises, our capacity to embody love expands. The practices associated with heart-centred consciousness—meditation, breathwork, and yoga—act as energetic nourishment, replenishing and revitalising our inner being. As we align our thoughts and actions with the frequency of love, we experience increased energy, clarity, and a sense of inner harmony.

Impact on Interpersonal Energetics: The energetic resonance of embodied love extends to our interactions with others. As our personal energy vibrates at the frequency of love, it has a magnetic effect, drawing in positive connections. Those who come into contact with this love-infused energy may feel uplifted, inspired, or at peace, experiencing a subtle yet profound shift in their own energetic state.

Transformative Ripple Effect: Yoga philosophy teaches that the energy we emit influences the collective energy of the world. By embodying love, we contribute to a positive and transformative ripple effect in the energetic tapestry of our communities and beyond. We are all interconnected and as individuals we have the potential to impact collective vibration of humanity.




As we embrace the teachings of the heart, we open ourselves to the transformative power of love, guiding us on a path of authenticity, connection, and joy. Embodying love according to yoga philosophy is a profound shift, rooted in the wisdom of the heart. This shift not only enhances our personal well-being but also becomes a catalyst for creating a more compassionate and harmonious world. The heart's guidance, when blended with discernment and boundaries, allows us to navigate life with love as our true north, creating a tapestry of relationships that reflect the boundless nature of the heart's wisdom.


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Love Lizzie X

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