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Cyclical Living - The key to a life of purpose, self-compassion & joy

Aug 30, 2023

In this blog post I am going to explain what cyclical living is and  help you to work out whether you are living a cyclical life or not . . . and explain how cyclical living can help you to live a more meaningful, compassionate and joyful life.


Are you living a linear or cyclical life?


  • Do you hold an expectation of yourself to feel the same every day, energised, happy, always productive, doing more, being more?


  • Perhaps you feel guilt if there are days when you don’t feel you can fulfil these ideals?


  • Do you ever allow yourself time to quietly tune into your intuition and dream about the life you REALLY want and considered what you need to get there?


  • Do you practice gratitude for the things in your life which lift you up and bring you joy?


  • Have you considered the things in your life which hold you back from your dreams, have you given yourself permission and taken action to release those things?


Answered yes to the first two questions and no to the last three? Then it is likely you are leaning into the linear culture we live within, let’s face it, it’s virtually impossible not to!

We live in a Linear culture, conditioned to never feel like we are enough…


obsessed with MORE, FASTER, STRONGER. It’s clear to see how we have become ashamed of rest and ageing, falling into the trap of constantly expecting ourselves to be “living our best life” – this is not sustainable for ourselves as individuals or for the environment.


We see this in the earth around us, due to the monoculture that exists in our agriculture, the soil is becoming empty of nutrients and unable to sustain life. Yet everything around and within us exists in cycles (our breath, the day, the moon, the seasons, reproduction, life)


Somehow we have become disconnected from this and bought into this notion that we are separate from nature and need to constantly be doing and being more to be happy and “successful”.


We go against the intelligence of nature and our bodies because that is what society expects of us.


Welcome to CYCLICAL LIVING it’s time to belong!


Cyclical living is the antithesis to this, it is not a new concept, but the original. In essence it is about living in harmony with the cycles within you (reproductive, life) and outside of you (circadian, seasonal, moon) to live a life of . . .


  • Purpose – to truly know and understand yourself, your values and dreams and to take action to create the life which you really want.


  • Compassion – to honour how you feel and what you truly need, including the needs of your wider community and the environment.


  • Joy – to understand and create space for the things that bring you happiness and release what does not align with your values and dreams.


Our ancestors lived in harmony with the rhythm of the day, the moon and the seasons. They were deeply connected to the earth and lived off the land. Without this connection they would not have been able to survive.


They slept more in the winter when the days were short and there was less to do on the land, spending time by the fire sharing in community. They prepared the land in spring and spent more time outside, sowing the seeds for the season of growth ahead. The summer was a time of peak activity, long days making hay while the sun shone (hard to imagine this summer I know!) In autumn harvesting the bounty of the summer and so it repeated again.


You can use the lunar or your menstrual cycle as a container to create the life you truly want


You don't have to live as a middle age peasant to embrace a little of this cyclical wisdom into your life & reap the rewards. The lunar (cyclical living is for all genders) and menstrual cycle encompass four distinct energies, just like the seasons. You can harness these energies as a framework to literally move, breathe, eat and create in synchrony with them . . .


  • Dark Moon/Menstruation/Winter – A time of quiet reflection and rest. Use this time of inward energy to tune in to your intuition and receive vision and guidance in alignment with your purpose. What do you want to do with your one precious life? Allow your body to rest and repair from the previous months effort a time for yin/restorative yoga or yoga nidra. Trust me you’ll come back stronger, more creative, energised and nourished!


  • Waxing Moon/ Pre ovulation/Spring – Set your intentions, harness the rising energy begin working towards your purpose. Feel the rising energy of playfulness and optimism. Now is the time to inject some playfulness into your movement, explore new shapes or styles of movement, embrace the childlike sense of wonder into your life.


  • Full Moon/Ovulation/Summer – Harness this energy to really get the ball rolling in the direction of your dreams. Celebrate what you've achieved & feel gratitude for all you have. A time of peak energy, perhaps you need to burn some of it off with some power yoga, strength training or aiming for PB’s!


  • Waning Moon/Pre Menstruum/Autumn – Pre menstruum gets a really bad press, it doesn’t fit our mainstream culture. The truth is when you work with this energy it is a great time to be really analytical and focused. (PMS is a message from your body that you are not caring for yourself in some way) This is also a time to ask what is holding you back, can you let go of what is no longer in alignment with what you want from life? A time of slow strength and stamina, be mindful of your energy levels and honour the need to slow down and rest as you get closer to the dark moon/menstruation.


And repeat! Each cycle is one of birth, growth, falling away and death. When we take time to honour how we really feel and connect to what we really want and need, we are naturally more refreshed, energised and creative!




Linear living leads in one direction, burnout! The irony is that cyclical living is so much more productive and creative.  Creating things of so much more worth from a deeply nourished place. It is like the rich flavour of natural fruit that originates from a diverse land compared to that of monocultural soils devoid of nutrients.


If you are tired of pouring from an empty cup, on the edge of overwhelm and living a life devoid of the things that really light you up. I invite you to explore another way of living in tune with the intelligence of your body and nature.


It’s time to cultivate resilience and connect to the deepest layers of yourself to create a more purposeful, compassionate and joyful life!


What would your life look like with greater purpose, compassion and joy?


What holds you back from living a more cyclical life?


Get in touch & let me know.




Lizzie x


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