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Give your body the movement you need to live the way you want.


Relax your body, quieten your mind, strengthen your intuition.


Our community makes us special and it’s what will keep you going.


 After looking after everything & everyone else, what's left for you?


Cyclical Soul is a sanctuary of yoga & community.


It's Time To Meet your Inner Yogi Goddess . . .



Hi, I'm Lizzie!


I created Cyclical Soul because I believe women who care deeply for themselves & feel supported by community emerge replenished & radiant. Creating fulfilment that ripples into their life, so they can savour the beauty in everyday moments & be present with the people they love. 

Cyclical Soul is more than just another yoga class ...

  • Monthly themes - to¬†develop your self awareness & personal growth off the mat
  • Community - to support your wellness journey so you feel¬†motivated & uplifted
  • Fun - practices that¬†bring you joy

It's time to reveal your inner yogi & sprinkle yoga glitter through your life to move, relax & connect!

Love Lizzie X

More About Lizzie


When women truly know, love & care for

themselves, their happiness ripples

into their relationships & the wider world.


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The Cyclical Yogi Studio is a sanctuary of transformation, aligning the magic of yoga, meditation, breathwork and journalling with the rhythm of your menstrual cycle or the cycle of the moon.


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Yoga in Carterton for women's health. Strengthen your body and mind, honour your need to rest and reflect, be TRULY YOU!

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Elsa Claire

‚ÄúLizzie is really enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming, and is extremely knowledgeable about yoga.¬†I have felt the benefits of her yoga and meditation classes both physically and mentally. ‚ÄĚ

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